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Soundperson Gertjan MiedemaGertjan Miedema, more than 35 years experience in sound for film & video.

And I still enjoy recording sound for film.
Whether it's a big movie or a small video production.

Every production is interesting in its own way. Often nice people to work with, interesting subject or new techniques.

And of course my main focus is to always create good sound.

To be able to do this I have all the necessary gear on hand: mixers for drama and documentary, radio mics, harddisk recorders, timecode equipment, playback set etc.

So, all know-how, experience and gear are available for the best results


With Peter Lataster in an operating-room of the NKI for "Morgen zien we weer" by Petra & Peter Lataster

With Peter Lataster in an AVL/NKI operating-room for "Awake in a bad dream" by Petra & Peter Lataster

Crewfoto met André Kuipers

Crewfoto "André Kuipers, The Mission" in Kosmonaut Training Centre Star City, Russia